Monday, 27 April 2009

Here and now

Before us, a hollow black pit emerges and although I can feel your presence I try in vain to hold your hand. Maybe some words, perhaps the scent of a new thought pressed hard from my lips against the cold autumn wind will make this whole world a little more significant for both of us. This is what it will be, as it was and in a circle of circumstansces it may very well be returned to sender...but I am a lover of lost causes and this is one of the major reasons why I will attempt to share this with you.

Bienvenido amigo. Lay somewhere, suspended in the air of our imagination and let my thread of thoughts reach yours.


  1. Me encata todo. El look, rotundo y absoluto, y todo lo que en él dejas... ¡Un fan!

  2. Bienvenido!! Muchas gracias por tu presencia y tus palabras. Espero que disfrutes ;)