Friday, 22 May 2009

The dusk lullaby of the Devil's dreamed shadow

Approaching the walls of oblivion,

chastity torn in rags,

sanity flowing through,

pain escaping through the cracks

Arriving to you for the seventh night,

morbid passions, bloody stanzas sang,

pleasure sculpted on your naked breasts,

feeding the rage of my delectable murder

adding colour to the ruin of your canvas

Hands tied tightly to roof chains

skin pierced by fate,

legs stretched, feet lost

whiteness stained with lust

dust and crime new extremes

Hiding strongly in my cobweb,

sheltering hideousness in the dark

building my lust in my pervert heart

drinking from the fruit of fatal decay

becoming one with your defeated flesh,

sleeping away from your the weight of your bones

Your secret stays with me,

abominated lust, famine forbid

i am the thief of your bloodiest dreams

the silent horse of a screaming death

See me there while you die

watch me crawling over your shadow

matching its motion

knitting its ends to my fate

folding your funeral shroud with your tears

Saying farewell to your innocence

locking yourself up

to the tastes of Hell

a profuse wound drenched with the holy grail

of your neverending blood quell

bathing my black hollow soul

with the sour burning scent

of your melting love in my veins


  1. I wanted a little scent of decadence added here ;)

  2. Stephanie Looby27 May 2009 at 11:49

    As with everything I read from you, this causes mental imagery indescribable through words. Love it.