Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Rootless Rebirth

Surrounded by the stillness of the a day that expects no night, I can only feel the melodies inside my frozen body, the microdermal cacophony inside my cells.

There is almost no change outside these caves. Sometimes a gentle kiss from the frost on my cheek, but it is another dead weight on my carcass.

I wish I were something real, something that could actually feel like a living creature. Memories walk even slightly more apathetic than they used to crawl. I can hardly think, sunk into the ice, driven away from any contact with reality.

On my knees, for the rain has become a part of me, forcing me to rest on my legs...my fists cracking a wound on the careless soil...and island resting over the support for my own self. Before I will finally drown.

Forgotten, I may have been born to live just a few days. My time a continuous blinking of the eyes towards a past that never existed and a future that will have more than one end.

Before the dark one comes to take me, I will have bled my own hopes over this whiteness, my thickness transpired through your cruel womb where you conceived me. Giving myself back to where I shouldn't have digged into, scorching my way back to another world. Warmer, I hope...meaningless no more.

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