Monday, 5 April 2010

It all went out and nothing left to be tasted afterwards.

You dropped your clothes at the entrance and left the rest of your inhibitions hanging from the other side of the door. I was already down on my knees and your scent was already clouding my senses, propelling my blood in all directions, still not where it would rise and grind.

You let me drink you first. A crimson line was drawn in your left thigh, a second one painted your breast with ease. I learnt from both, feeding from your heart drumming and finding it's rhythmic compass in my sex. As you grew more eager, the fantasies aroused and took control of me.

I tied your wrists, locked your motions with the rope I once used to slay my former selves. Then I forced the blade on my chest, and my blackened self filled your mouth. The wine was bitter but you did not cease to feel the thirst in you.

I dropped more of me inside you, watching right into your eyes as the pleasure increased the senses, polluting them, breaking them, becoming one with them and fading under them.


  1. Interesting bloody erotic tale

  2. Thank you very much, be welcome to this blog pilgrim