Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Beating down the doors of Hades

My eyes open still enclosed in the last fading spasms of the sleeping lives just passed. Your naked flesh is the first image my senses feel, your soft skin the first and last dream my lips will touch. Your heart beats deeply, it makes you real. You are now somewhere else, walking through the doors of the chimeras, blazing your soul into the ripe floods of eternal life. I sense your warmth, my hand trying to cover it all in order to fully take you with the pulsing nightmares of my soul. I lay closer to you, I kiss the perfumed canvas of your voluptuous beauty, sculpted patiently by the darkness gods of Hades. You feel me then, my rising heat and my hedonistic soul melting with you. We are sitting there again, you and I, contemplating at the river where we first met. Selene's spell is now a thick comforting rain, covering us, entering our souls, driving our minds insane. We share the same pulse, we dance with identical cadence, we pass the realm of life to become one. In eternal lust, in a one perennial flow of blood.

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  1. hola muy buen blog, te sigo y te invito a que me sigas en mi blog.

    Un saludo desde España