Sunday, 3 October 2010

Livor Mortis

And yet another bridge has been crossed and still there is nothing on the other side. When there are no more paths to choose, no way back and no shortcuts there is a feeling that maybe this is it. You are alone, hopeless and your tears are stones behind your orbs that bleed your senses through your skull overtures.

Deceived, one by one your illusions and dreams have abandoned you. The memories have been sucked by the tongues of spiteful fate, your words are spit breaking in the cement under your feet. The bones are your only frame, loneliness is the vulture that has so delectably feasted on your decaying flesh.

Your hands are waving like the flowers on a tomb, their fading crimson color is the mirror of your flowing life over your marble carcass. The flame is almost gone and nobody will bring you new light. The bed where you will lay is alone in no graveyard. No cross will crown you, no virgin will watch over you.

Banished and doomed for life, rewarded with the slow death of a waltz created for others and foolishly dreamed by your putrid conscience. You walk, you breathe, you exist because someone lied to you.

All you can see from the fire is the ashes from your wounds, the scars of your dreaming blood now becoming air in the deep heart of night. You are gone. You are forgotten. Into the nothingness.